Technical Writing

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Articles I have written

HackerNoonHow to Get Started with Writing Online
Section.ioHow JavaScript Uses Web Browser APIs to Achieve Asynchronisity
Section.ioWhat Happens When JavaScript Runs My Code?
Section.ioHow To Build and Test a Node.js REST API with Express on Ubuntu 18.04
Section.ioHow To Setup and SSH into an Ubuntu 18.04 Virtual Machine on AWS

Articles I have edited

I have edited quite a number of articles for the Engineering Education publication, so I can't include all of them here.

The list below shows a few of them. For the full list, you can check out this google query.

Adetu RidwanHow to Create a Simple Blockchain using Python
Anita AchuConcurrency in Go
Paul MwangiTransaction management in a database
Priya KalyanakrishnanSecuring Data with H2o
Lucy MainaGetting Started with CSS
Onesmus MbaabuUnderstanding the Software Development Life Cycle
Judy NduatiThe Overview of a Database Life Cycle
Lalithnarayan CIntroduction to Transfer Learning in NLP
Adetu RidwanA Complete Guide on Installing Flask for Beginners
Onesmus MbaabuIntelligent Agents in Artificial Intelligence
Quadri SheriffIntroduction to Test-Driven Development
Quadri SheriffIntroduction to Unit Testing
Lalithnarayan CCreating Word Clouds in Python
Lalithnarayan CLinear Discriminant Analysis from Scratch
Lalithnarayan CHouse Price Prediction using Machine Learning