Going Back to Technical Writing

I'd like to go back to technical writing and make some extra income.

The resource I plan to use is the malgamves/CommunityWriterPrograms list.

An inital skim through the list yeilds two Kenyans I could possibly get in touch with to get insider infomation on how to write on the respective platforms. Also included platforms that look promising.

  1. CircleCi Blog writer Waweru Mwaura
  2. Civo
  3. Ambassador
  4. Airbyte
  5. LogRocket writer Wamaitha Nyamu

The idea is to target places that pay $300 and above so that I can technically live on $600 which is two articles if I'm lucky, 6 articles if I'm unlucky and get into ones that pay $100 and one article if I get one that pays > $600.

I also stumbled on Deel which is a cool platform for hiring internationally.

Edit: I also looked up Who Pays Technical Writers? and found this one program that looks promising:

  1. Write with Webiny
  2. WonderProxy - this particular one could be interesting given the Puppeteer work I'm doing to automate choosing classes on CX.
  3. TakeShape.io - this one looks promising in the sense that they don't have many recent posts. So it could either be that they no longer pay to write or that there's a golden opportunity waiting for me there.
  4. cube.dev - this one looks very promising
  5. cohesive.so - on this one they seem to encourage first-time writers which I think is positive
  6. SigNoz
  7. Semaphoreci

Also an interesting job: https://bejamas.io/careers/frontend-developer/