I Can Look into the Workings of Airbnb Experiences

From reading one article, I think medium could be a good place to search for user generated content I can use to build up my idea "47places".

"Building up local tourism one exciting place at a time"

"Introducing you to local tourism one place at a time"

"Showing you the beauty of your home country one place at a time"

"Helping you experience your country one place at a time"

"no place like home. local tourism one place at a time"

"tourism for the rest of us"

go nomad

Go places Join the community of everyday people experiencing Nairobi through local tourism

-- just thought up these tags for 47places

the website could have categories like

"to eat", "to play tennis", "to make your own leather journal"

So it would read, "47 places to play tennis"...

Like this article Airbnb Experiences, A Host Point of View by a hosts of an Airbnb experience.

Another by a traveller Airbnb Experiences: A Shift in What it Means to Travel

Another think piece in the same space Unbundling Airbnb Experiences, Netflix for Travelers & Alternative Travel

A good angle would be to approach places that already make money from experiences and onboard them onto the platform. That way we could build a recommendation system for them online and help them gather reviews and have them help us build a little traction.

We could also bake in story telling and have my boy Franklin do write ups on the various stories the individual business owners have to tell. So the angle is "paid experience" + "instagrammable" + "personal founder stories"

Much like what black shines brightest stories is doing for creators.