What I'm Doing Now

You're going to be somewhere in your career in ten years, why not in your absolute ideal role, doing the kind of work you'd find most rewarding and having the kind of impact that you're capable of? If you don't believe that this is possible, you will surely fail. If you do believe it's possible, look honestly you might still fail! But you'll at least see better outcomes by believing consistency will work than by will believing it won't.

— Oz Nova, How to be consistent

I struggle to motivate myself to do the whole "job preparation" grind especially in the curent job market.

Also, for the roles I've managed to land thus far, the amount of impactful work assigned to me tends to be severly limited and I hate that. So for the forseable future, no active job search for me!

My alternative approach is to learn how to build things myself and hopefully turn one of my projects into a bootstrapped startup.

If in the process of doing this, someone notices my efforts/skills and offers to bring me in for a software developer job that allows me to thrive, I'd consider their offer. -- (most likey at a < 100 person startup where I get a cross functional role) --

But until then, I'll build things I think are cool, find ways to make money, sustain myself and enjoy life : )

With that said, here's what I'm up to right now:

  1. Building 47 Places as my first attempt at indie hacking.
  2. Learning sales and marketing because distribution is king.
  3. Getting better at technical writing to fund my indie hacker aspirations.
  4. Logistics lead for GDSC USIU.
  5. Improving my React by covering the Joy of React course.
  6. Pursing my undergrad degree in Applied Computer Technology at USIU-A.

this is a "now page", and you should make one too.