My work in the Technical Writing space

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Articles I have written

January 2022HackerNoonHow to Get Started with Writing Online
December 2020Section.ioHow JavaScript Uses Web Browser APIs to Achieve Asynchronisity
October 2020Section.ioWhat Happens When JavaScript Runs My Code?
August 2020Section.ioHow To Build and Test a Node.js REST API with Express on Ubuntu 18.04
July 2020Section.ioHow To Setup and SSH into an Ubuntu 18.04 Virtual Machine on AWS

Articles that I edited, written by other authors.

I have edited quite a number of articles for the Engineering Education publication, and I can't include all of them here.

The list below shows a few of them. For the full list, you can check out this google query

October 2021Adetu RidwanHow to Create a Simple Blockchain using Python
September 2021Anita AchuConcurrency in Go
July 2021Paul MwangiTransaction management in a database
June 2021Priya KalyanakrishnanSecuring Data with H2o
June 2021Lucy MainaGetting Started with CSS
February 2021Onesmus MbaabuUnderstanding the Software Development Life Cycle
February 2021Judy NduatiThe Overview of a Database Life Cycle
December 2020Lalithnarayan CIntroduction to Transfer Learning in NLP
December 2020Adetu RidwanA Complete Guide on Installing Flask for Beginners
December 2020Onesmus MbaabuIntelligent Agents in Artificial Intelligence
December 2020Quadri SheriffIntroduction to Test-Driven Development
December 2020Quadri SheriffIntroduction to Unit Testing
November 2020Lalithnarayan CCreating Word Clouds in Python
November 2020Lalithnarayan CLinear Discriminant Analysis from Scratch
November 2020Lalithnarayan CHouse Price Prediction using Machine Learning